Curly brackets validation

Ok todays problem was to write some code to make sure that brackets in code where in the right order, so for example

({[]}) - Valid {{()} - Not Valid

So basically each bracket has to be opened and closed properly.

Took me a while but got it working, kept it simple to read I hope, it is a little bit iffy for my liking and I think can be done simpler so will re-visit this one when I have time. Code below have a look.

def validBraces(string):

  type1 = '{}'
  type2 = '[]'
  type3 = '()'
  opening_count = 0
  closing_count = 0
  opening_braces = '{[('
  closing_braces = '}])'
  opening_string = ''

  for character in string:
    #evaluate the character
    if character in opening_braces:
      opening_string += character
      opening_count += 1

    if character in closing_braces:
      closing_count += 1
      if character in type1:
        if len(opening_string)>0:
          if type1[0] == opening_string[-1]:
            opening_string = opening_string[:-1]

      if character in type2:
        if len(opening_string)>0:
          if type2[0] == opening_string[-1]:
            opening_string = opening_string[:-1]

      if character in type3:
        if len(opening_string)>0:
          if type3[0] == opening_braces[-1]:
            opening_string = opening_string[:-1]            

  if len(opening_string) == 0 and opening_count == closing_count:

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